Pump Installation and Replacement!

Why Hire A Pro

Hiring a pro to service a well pump is important for a number of reasons. The first is that a professional will be able to more accurately pinpoint the problem with the pump and whether it is fixable or if the pump will need to be replaced. It can also be necessary if the homeowner does not know the depth of the well or even what type of pump is in the well, if they did not put it in.

Typically pump problems can be summed up in three main ways: the motor refusing to stop, refusing to start or a general lack of water pressure. The problems could also be electrical, which could require a call to the power company if voltage is too low. Generally, well pump problems are a combination of electrical and water issues and this can be dangerous for anyone not familiar with the equipment.

In some cases, the pump and the piping may need to be extracted from the well. This is most cases with a malfunctioning submersible pump. Professionals usually use a derrick truck or pump puller machine to extract the pump.

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