Arsenic Contamination

Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a form of groundwater pollution which is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater.

Arsenic contaminated water typically contains arsenous acid and arsenic acid or their derivatives. Their names as "acids" is a formality, these species are not aggressive acids but are merely the soluble forms of arsenic near neutral pH. These compounds are extracted from the underlying rocks that surround the aquifer. Arsenic acid tends to exist as the ions [HAsO4]2− and [H2AsO4]− in neutral water, whereas arsenous acid is not ionized.

Aquasource Solutions offers arsenic contamination solutions based upon specific case by case requirements.

MetSorb® HMRG

Effective, Low-Cost Adsorbent for Removal of Heavy Metals

MetSorb® HMRG and HMRP adsorbents utilize a patented material to adsorb both forms of arsenic as well as a wide range of contaminants in water.

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MetSorb® HMRG outperforms competitive products

Elevated concentrations of arsenic are found in many regions of the world. Naturally occurring arsenic in drinking water affects about 10% of the drinking water supplies in the United States, especially groundwater supplies. One of those supplies is located in Hopewell, New Jersey. Graver, in conjunction with researchers from Stevens Institute of Technology and scientists from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, conducted a pilot test of the well water to demonstrate an efficient and economical way to reduce the arsenic levels.

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