Aquasource Solutions has the capability to perform field testing for secondary contaminants such as pH, hardness or iron content, which may determine a need for corrective equipment or indicate a performance issue of an existing water treatment system. This however, should not be considered a substitute for an independent Pennsylvania DEP certified lab analysis. Sample collection procedures, chain of custody, analytical results and impartial interpretation of your report are all factors for consideration in a water analysis.

Aquasource Solutions recommends that clients utilize an independent PA DEP certified lab for all sampling and analysis of your water. The PA DEP certification program ensures lab compliance for performance of accurate methodology, as determined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is important to note that approved labs have no special interest in your water analysis result. Caution is advised when using uncertified labs, or labs which are also in the business of selling corrective treatment equipment, and offer to test the water at your residence.

We have provided a link below to a PDF file with information on accredited labs in Bucks and Montgomery Counties as of July 2, 2021.


We recommend utilizing the following link to the Penn State Extension website for additional information to assist you in the interpretation of your lab results.


For your convenience, we have also provided information and a price list for the most commonly analyzed water parameters, as well as web links to two independent accredited labs in your area.

If you are a public water supply customer, contact your water supplier for a complete water quality analysis report.

Aquasource Solutions will not assess health risks for any result that exceeds the EPA maximum contaminant level. Our experienced staff will perform well and water treatment system inspections, in addition to well disinfection if indicated. Upon request, we will provide you with recommendations for protection and remediation of your water.

Analytical Laboratories Inc.

Analytical Labaratories Inc. certified water analysis pricing. Please visit the Analytical Laboratories Inc. website for more information and for detailed pricing schematic.


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